Romagna is especially renowned for its traditional warm hospitality and excellent gastro delights. Hospitality and gastronomy bear witness to the  region’s passion for ancient traditions, intimate atmospheres and genuine flavours and tastes. Like every other resort in Romagna, Misano Adriatico welcomes tourists with the utmost courtesy and kindness.

It attracts large numbers of regular tourists, who flock here year after year because they built a trusted relationship with local hotel keepers, bathing attendants and restaurant managers.
One of the keys to the success of Romagna’s hospitality is its exquisite cuisine.

Life in Romagna revolves around the dining table!

Restaurants in Misano Adriatico always serve homemade pasta, such as tagliatelle, strozzapreti, ravioli, cappelletti, cannelloni and lasagne verdi, and traditional humble dishes, such as pasta and chickpeas and pasta and beans.

Accompanied by the famous "piadina", robust meat dishes, grilled, baked and fried fish specialities and tasty soups are the pride of every restaurant in Misano.

Not to be missed in Misano Adriatico are its mouth-watering starters, that are often based on shellfish, seafood and small crustaceans accompanied by tasty sauces.
Hotel Alexandra
Hotel Alexandra
Misano Adriatico
three star
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